25th October 2015

Trentham Boat Club Contacts

Chairman – Tony Gath

I took up rowing as a spry 55 year old around a dozen years ago in 2008.  It is fair to say it has changed my life.   I enjoy recreational rowing although there are still some members who can remember my taking part in the occasional race.

My role as chair involves leading the committee  and helping to develop the club both in terms of its members and the facilities it enjoys on the beautiful lake at Trentham

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Treasurer – Ken Walters

Ken attended his first committee meeting in May and became Treasurer in October 2006 when the original treasurer resigned. He attended meetings every 2 weeks at that time to get the boat club – and boat house as we know it today – under way. Ken doesn’t row (his wife does) but he wanted a “sort of” hobby as he had recently retired! His contribution and dedication to Trentham Boat Club has been invaluable ever since.

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Club Secretary – Patricia Smith

Oh Lordy – I can’t even remember how long I have been a member! Well, suffice to say, I have been a club member and secretary for a number of years. I would highly recommend rowing to anyone who enjoys the fresh air, coupled with camaraderie and challenge. Regardless of ability, rowing is a great activity and we are fortunate to have such a wonderful location to exercise the body and mind.

I see one of the main purposes of the Club Secretary as doing my best to keep Club Officials in order and sticking to agendas at Committee Meetings. This can sometimes be quite a challenge but thankfully, they’re mostly well-behaved…

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Membership Secretary – Deb Withington

As Membership Secretary, I’m one of the people new members first come into contact with, either as experienced rowers or complete beginners.

I didn’t take up learning to row until 2018. I’d hoped it would complement my running and would help me to meet new people. Becoming a member at Trentham Boat Club has been one of the best decisions I’ve taken.  Club members are friendly and supportive and we’re so lucky to be rowing on the lake and seeing Trentham Gardens and the wildlife from a different perspective.  It’s a tough sport and much more technical than I’d ever imagined but I’m hoping that I’m gradually getting to be a better rower and have the feeling that I’m going to keep on learning each time I go out on the water.

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Head of Adult Coaching – Ian Bousfield

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Junior Squad Coach – Darren Barton

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Ladies’ Captain –  Ragnhild (Rags) Marstad

I love being on the water and have rowed for three years now, developing from a beginner to a competitive rower. I joined the Learn to Row program in March 2017 and I’m so glad I did. As a child you constantly learn new skills, so learning a new skill as an adult felt so refreshing. I have made some great friends and enjoy weekend coffees at the boathouse with the squad after sessions.

As Ladies’ Captain I make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible and am the main point of contact for the women. Coming from a background as a recreational running club member and developing from a beginner to a competitive rower I have a good understanding of the makeup of the squad, aspirations and how it feels to be new to the sport.

If you would like any more info regarding the women’s section, please drop me an email. We’re always happy to welcome new members

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Men’s Captain – Leon Warrington

I’ve been a member at Trentham since the very earliest days, having joined in the summer of 2003 a few months after the club was formed. Since then I have rowed at a number of different universities, competing at a national level whilst always remaining an active and committed member of Trentham.

As Men’s Captain I am responsible for organising the Senior Men’s squad and aim to help everyone from beginners to experienced athletes achieve their potential.

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Welfare Officer – Anne Williams

My role is to act as the first point of contact for young people, parents/ carers, coaches and volunteers who have any concerns about child welfare or poor practice in the junior section of the Club.

The Club Welfare Officer (CWO) is responsible for acting as a source of advice on Child Protection matters and for co-ordinating action within the Club on receipt of any concerns or referrals. They should have an understanding of British Rowing’s Safeguarding and Protecting Children Policy and be the evidence checker, verifying the identity of individuals completing criminal records check (DBS) prior to working with the Junior section of the club. It is also the responsibility of the CWO to keep records of all those within the Club who have been vetted, to ensure DBS checks are kept up to date, and record any training and qualifications of those working at the Club.

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Club Water Safety Officer – Len Williams

The Safety Officer’s role is to work towards keeping Club Members as safe as possible while enjoying the facilities we have at Trentham and also when they’re away at training camps and regattas. I liaise with our governing body ‘British Rowing’ to make sure we keep within their safety guidelines and always aim for maximum participation with risks reduced as far as possible.

If anyone has any concerns regarding safety either on the water or around the boathouse drop me a line via the website.

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Assistant Water Safety Officer – Jon Mcateer

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Ladies’ Vice Captain – Lianne Joynson

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Men’s Vice Captain – Len Williams

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Regatta Secretary – Naomi Ellis

In 2006 I was invited to join the beginners course and from then on I was hooked. Then in 2010 I took on the role of Regatta Secretary and became the Ladies’ Captain in 2011, until I handed over the reins as Captain to Jude in late 2015.
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Parent Representative – Helen Butters

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Facilities Officer – Paul Newman

I’ve been a member at Trentham since 2014, where I joined via the beginner’s course.  I row most weekends, rain or shine, and compete when I’m feeling fit enough! 

My role as Facilities Officer is to ensure the boat house is safe and kept shipshape.  We are always striving to improve the club’s facilities for the benefit of our members, to make the boat house and lake an inspirational place to row.

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Deputy Welfare Officer – Alison Hatton

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Junior Co-ordinator  – to be appointed