17th April 2023

Fire Emergency Evacuation Plan and Fire Procedures

Fire evacuation strategy

Simultaneous Evacuation – on hearing the alarm all persons present in the building will evacuate the premises by their nearest exit and congregate at the fire assembly point which is located outside the café opposite the building.

Action on discovering a fire

On discovering a fire the individual must immediately raise the alarm by breaking one of the manual call points located at each Fire Exit.

Action on hearing the fire alarm

All persons must immediately vacate the building by their nearest exit point and congregate at the fire assembly point.

As you leave the building close all doors as each room is fully evacuated.

Calling the fire brigade

There are no telephone land lines located near to the building; therefore a personal mobile phone must be used.

● The individual discovering the fire must phone for the Fire Service via 999 and remain at the location to inform both fire wardens and Fire Service of the location and nature of the fire.

● Any designated fire warden on site must confirm that the Fire Service has been contacted (If in doubt call again – this is not a problem to fire control).

● Contact Trentham Gardens Estate.

Where the alarm has been raised by the automatic fire detection system, the cause of the alarm should be investigated before contacting the Fire Service. (If in doubt call the Fire Service).

The premises MUST be evacuated on the sounding of the alarm.

Identification of key escape routes

Key Escape routes – Rear door, side doors, roller shutter door (this will automatically open on the operation of the fire alarm.

All members, guests & contractors must be made aware of the key escape routes from the building.

  • Members – on induction and as part of fire drills.
  • Guests – all guests must be escorted by members.
  • Contractors – all contractors must be either escorted by a member or be made aware of the fire routine and escape routes.

Fire wardens

Designated fire wardens are to re-enter the building to ensure the building is clear and to investigate the course.

Where no fire warden is present two competent members (familiar with the building & fire alarm system) may fulfil this role.

Where no fire warden or competent member is present the Fire & Rescue Service must be called.

At any point a fire is suspected, all persons will immediately evacuate the premises and call Fire & Rescue Service.

Places of assembly and roll call

Assembly point – area adjacent to the cafe.

Roll Call – the building will only be deemed evacuated following an inspection of the building.

Firefighting equipment provided

Fire Extinguishers are provided throughout the building.

Firefighting is only to be attempted by trained persons following a full evacuation.

Training required

1. Fire procedures – all members via online information

2. Fire warden – in-house dedicated training

3. Use of extinguisher – external training

All training should be recorded in the fire register.

Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP)

PEEP`s are required for individuals would may not be able to respond appropriately to the sounding of the fire alarm due to a permanent or temporary illness, condition or injury.

Where this is identified, an individual emergency evacuation plan must be written.

Liaison with emergency services

Where a fire has been identified by an individual/fire warden, this individual/fire warden must await the arrival of the Fire Service to give information.

Due to the position of the premises it would be useful to the fire service if persons are posted at the Monkey Park car park to guide them to the location.

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