15th November 2015

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Membership Documents

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Volunteer Recruitment Form

Form for Discounted Trentham Gardens Annual Pass for members

Club Rules etc

TBC Rules 2017

Committee Documents

Approved Minutes of Committee Meetings

TBC Committee meeting minutes August 2019


Circulation Map

TBC Circulation Rules

TBC Adult Risk Assessment 2019

TBC Water Safety Policy 2019

TBC Junior Risk Assessment 2019

Incident Reporting

Please Report any incident or near miss during any activity at the club eg Capsize, injury during training, near collision, slips or trips. The incident forms are located in the Incident log in the cupboard above the sink in the boathouse. We would rather you report it or contact us if you’re not sure as its only with information of whats happening can we make the club a safer place for everyone. Thanks.

If you do discover damaged equipment please tell your coach/captain and put a notice on it to prevent it being used. These are available in the incident log folder.

You can also print from here:

TBC Incident form

TBC Accident Form

TBC Witness Statement

First Aid

There are first aid kits located on the wall above the sink in the boathouse, on each launch and also at the front of the boathouse in the regatta safety grab boxes. There is also a sealed box of dry towels and thermal blankets at the front of the boathouse.

British Rowing Safety Links

RowSafe Document

British Rowing Safety Alerts


LifeJacket User Manual

Throwline User Manual


TBC Welfare Policy 2019