10th November 2015


Although none of us wants to be governed by rules and regulations, SAFETY has always got to be our number one priority. If we all stay safe, then we should all keep enjoying rowing on Trentham Lake, the sport that we love in a location that we love.

  • It is the responsibility of all club members to be aware of & abide by Club Rules.  TBClub Rules Jan 2017
  • Anyone rowing on the lake must have completed a Membership Form in advance of going on the water. All rowers should be logged in the Log Book for each outing on the water.
  • New memberships (beginners and experienced rowers) will be classed as probationary for the first 3 months. Trentham Boat Club reserves the right to request references and/or to apply for a DBS check for any members. Any unacceptable behaviour as deemed by the Committee may result in membership cancellation, as per Trentham Boat Club Constitution.
  • It is the responsibility of every member of the Club to ensure the Boathouse is kept clean, safe & secure for the benefit of all.
  • We want all members to feel welcomed and cared for whilst at Trentham Boat Club. But if you have any concerns, don’t keep quiet – talk to your Captain, Welfare Officer or to any of the Committee.
  • Regatta Child Welfare 2016


Any normal close fitting sports clothing is fine for rowing. We suggest that you avoid wearing loose, baggy clothing as oar (blade) handles may catch them and they can get caught under the wheels as the seat moves up and down the slide. There is also a risk of catching the thumbs in the folds of loose clothing around the chest and abdomen, particularly with tops with front pockets. In winter it is particularly important to wear layers, with a waterproof outer layer, but these should be fitted, light, not thick clothes. Fleeces should not be worn as they become waterlogged, making swimming difficult in the event of a capsize. For the same reason, coxes should not wear Wellington boots. Gloves are not advisable, however pogies are fine, and hats are a good idea. If you are rowing in the summer months, remember to apply sun screen and to bring a hat or head visor.

Please pack a change of clothing for each outing on the water.



The Met Office website gives a 3 hourly forecast; www.metoffice.gov.uk

Trentham lake is quite enclosed, however there may be on occasion strong winds which rowers need to watch out for, being aware of the additional risks and hazards if attempting to go on the water in these conditions.

It is unsafe to be on the lake or open space if there is lightning. If you see lightning or hear thunder, then get off the water and into shelter by the quickest means practicable.

Either the coach, captain, cox, bow, or senior rower must make a risk assessment and take a decision on whether the weather and lake conditions are suitable for rowing. As conditions worsen, the less experienced crews and scullers should not go out. Always consider the combined effect of wind, rain and temperature.

Navigation Rules & Lake Safety

It is important to be aware of and respectful of other water users. Each user of the lake has specific circulation patterns that they will need to follow.  This is to reduce risk of accidents or collisions.  Respect & courteous behaviour should be used always.  Please see captains for our circulation patterns.

Canoeists are part of Trentham Water Association and have unrestricted access to the lake as do the rowing club.

Fishermen also have fishing rights on the lakeside and care should be taken to respect their sport.  Try to stay away from the edge of the bank, where you may disturb them.  If you are doing any drills or technical rowing, please ensure you do not stop in front of a fisherman.

Miss Elizabeth: Trentham Gardens run regular boat trips for visitors to the Gardens throughout the year. Care should be taken to avoid confrontation.  In the summer, the Gardens also rent out row boats.  Please be careful during renting times as the paddlers may not be experienced.

Fire Service: occasionally Trentham Estate allows the local Fire Service to train on the lake in the evenings. Whilst they have a duty to respect our members, please take extra care when they are present.