10th November 2015


The rowing club caters for a variety of ages from J13 (Year 8) to J18 (Year 13) with numerous coaches on hand to help develop the athlete every step of the way. Some of theses coaches have developed athletes that have gone on to compete at regional and national events and even a few athletes have gone on to trial for the GB progression scheme.


Think you have what it takes?

If you think that you have the ability to compete at the highest level and committed and determined to succeed, then don’t hesitate to contact us. The typical number of training sessions per week is 2-3 for J13 (Year 8), this can be increased for older athletes. The activities that athletes will be doing can vary depending on weather and water conditions.
The different aspects of training that help to develop the athlete will be taught to allow them to achieve the best possible results when competing at the different events that the club go to. These consist of weights training, water training in different boats -whether crew or individual boats- rowing machine or other land based training to help strengthen, develop technique of the rowing stroke and increase the overall fitness of the athlete. Due to the high standard that we have within the squad it is essential that the athletes balance training and school around each other to ensure that the best is achieved.


There is no need for the racing kit as of yet. Learning the basics of rowing is more mentally taxing than it is physically challenging, so warm kit (appropriate for the weather conditions) that still allows movement should be worn, avoid loose bulky jackets with open pockets as they can tend to get in the way having your thumbs and oars (blades) getting stuck in them and also get stuck under your seat. Ordinary trainers are fine. Make sure that you have spare clothes with you so that you can get changed if the weather gets bad.


Contact the junior section using: juniorcoach@trenthamboatclub.co.uk and one of the coaches will contact you back with more information.