25th October 2015


Trentham Lake from the air

Trentham Regatta 2019 Draw DONE! 

Sunday 2nd June 2019

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We were gutted having to cancel our well-loved Trentham Regatta in 2017. But we were thrilled to be back in 2018. What a fantastic day we had!… Roll on Trentham Regatta 2019!  

2016 Trentham Boat Club Regatta  – Sunday 5th June 2016

HUGE THANKS EVERYONE! ——- racers (truly young or young-at-heart,  first-timers or old-stagers), support teams, drivers, coaches, umpires and officials, sponsors, St John’s Ambulance, culinary chefs & cake bakers, vip caterers, boat checkers, shoe carriers, commentators, radio operators, safety boaters, stake-boaters, runners, dogsboddies, programme sellers, record keepers, problem-solvers, baby minders, message-relayers, brawn, brains, happy faces, brow wipers………

Another wonderful event on a glorious June day. 

Regatta Documents:

Trentham Regatta Draw 2016 Update 1

Regatta Competitor Information 2016   

Regatta Child Welfare 2016

Trentham Lake 2016 Regatta Map

2016 Regatta Flyer 


2015 Trentham Boat Club Regatta

Took place on Sunday 7th June 2015

2015 Regatta lake map

2014 Trentham Boat Club Regatta

Took place on Sunday 8th June 2014

2013 Trentham Boat Club Regatta

2013 Regatta video