Ladies Captain News

Shrewsbury Regatta, Saturday 11th May. Five crews containing ladies raced over the 100m course. Weather was terrible, with hail and rain most of the day. The only win from ladies was the Mixed IM3 4x- of Laura and Naomi, joined by Kyle and Leon.

National Masters Championships, Sunday 19th May. I was the only boat from Trentham entered into this event. I was racing in the Women’s Masters A IM3 single. The weather was brilliant, I am not sure I have ever seen Nottingham that flat! The race itself was very close, with me finishing in 2nd, just 2 seconds behind the winner.

Trentham Regatta, Sunday 9th June. I am sure I don’t need to say much about this! An amazing day, weather was fab and the club put on a brilliant show. As for the racing, the ladies were involved in 7 races. Sadly there was only one win on the day. Michelle Birchall won the Mixed IM3 4x- in a composite crew with people from Lincoln.

Chester Regatta, Saturday 15th June. Two ladies crews went to Chester, the only win was from Aprile and Laura in the W nov 2x. Despite windy conditions, the ladies had an excellent race, and won by a large margin. Congratulations to both of them for getting their first point.

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